Over the past years, KC has successfully undertaken numerous projects of sizeable proportion and has achieved a reputation of as amongst the most respectable consulting firm in Malaysia.

In view of this, KC has been appointed various clients to undertake projects outside Malaysia, amongst which are as follows:-


Rivernina Resort & Mixed Development, Illidza, Bosnia & Herzegovina

This project is located in Illidza, on the outskirt of city of Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina, comprising of the development of a holiday resort, housing & commercial complexes and recreational facilities over an area of 167 hect.

The Client for this project is the Municipal Council of Illidza joint venture with MBI Ventures Sdn. Bhd., a Malaysian based investment firm.

The involvement of Khairi Consult Sdn Bhd is in the infrastructure works and the design of the structural elements of the project. The total development cost is USD280.0 millions spread over a period of 6 years.


Privatisation Of The Zenica – Sarajevo Highway (Package 3), Bosnia & Herzegovina

This project involved in the upgrading of the existing 73km of the 2 lanes single carriageway road from Zenica to Sarajevo to a 4 lanes dual carriageway on a privatised basis.

The total project cost is USD 400.0millions and the Client is the Ministry of Transport Federal Republic of Bosnia & Herzegovina.

The involvement of Khairi Consult is in the field of detailed engineering design of the highway inclusive of the tolling equipment.

To undertake this project, KC has joined ventured with European based firms, Traser Roads & Bridges Co., Sarajevo and Darsh Consult, Munich, Germany.


Design Of The Ulaveo Industrial Centre, Kokopa, Papua New Guinea

This project involved in the reconstruction of the industrial centre that has been devastated by the volcanic eruption.

The design criteria has been revised taking into account the likely future volcanic activities.

This industrial centre is developed within a 64 hectare site, comprising of an admin block, 112 units of 2 storey factory buildings, 42 units of staff quarters, 6 blocks of multi-storeys tenants quarters and all the ancillary facilities.

Khairi Consult Sdn. Bhd. acted as the lead consultant responsible for the project management, detailed engineering design, liason and project coordination and supervision of the construction works.


Development Of The Chonhadak – Kangan Expressway, Islamic Republic of Iran

This project is located in Busher, Assaluyeh district in the southern region of Iran. The total length of road way involved are as follows:-

  • Construction of an additional 2 lanes new road – 92km
  • Widening of an existing highway for an additional 13.5 width – 77km
  • Construction of 800m span bridge over Mond River
  • Construction of 20 flyovers and 7 interchanges

The total cost of construction is about USD 249,000,000.00

KHAIRI CONSULT SDN BHD involvement is in the preliminary engineering design & costing and contract documentation.


Construction Of The 2nd Dhaka – Chittagong Highway

This highway is designed as a 4 lanes dual carriageway complying to an urban expressway standard with a design speed of 110km / hr.

It is 210 km in length with 5 nos of grade separated interchanges, 3 nos of multispan bridges (in excess of 3km length for each bridges) and 13 nos of flyovers, with a total construction cost of about USD 670,000,000.00.

KHAIRI CONSULT SDN BHD has been responsible for the feasibility study and the detailed engineering design of the above.


Upgrading Of Malaysian Student Halls in Melbourne, Australia

This project is located in Windsor, a vibrant south-eastern inner suburb of Melbourne, Australia. The surrounding properties comprising of a mix residential and commercial land use.

The project proposal is an extension annexed to the rear of an existing 2- storey student accommodation building. The proposed upgrading consists the construction of a 4-storey building with an under croft car parking; the building also comprises of student accommodation rooms, an associated administration, lounge and dining areas.

The Client for this project is the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education.

Khairi Consult Sdn Bhd undertakes design works on the structural elements of the project. The project cost USD4.4 millions and is currently under construction with expected completion in July 2009.