• MSc. Elect. Power Engineering, Aberdeen University, U.K.
  • Advanced Diploma Electrical Power Engineering ITM
  • Member of The Institution of Engineers Malaysia
  • Registered Professional Engineer with The Board of Engineers Malaysia
  • Member Of Association Consulting Of Engineers Malaysia (ACEM)
  • Associate Asean Engineer, AAE
  • Appointed as Associate Professor (Visiting) at University Malaysia Perlis
  • (17 September 2013 to 16 September 2014), Faculty of Electrical Engineering



 Specialist in lightning and surge protection

1)      Research paper on Lightning Protection with Aberdeen University (UK) for Master Degree (1992)Specialist in lightning and surge protection

2)     Presented a Paper On Faraday’s Cage System Lightning Protection System to JKR Engineers Conference (1994)

3)     Developed Structure Baoding (Faraday Cage Type) of lightning protection system. Working on the Surge Protection Design for power, data and signal schematic design in 1993. Both of these designs are being implemented now by JKR Electrical and Consultants.

4)      He has given many lectures or talk with regards to Lightning and Surge Protection System.

5)      He was appointed as a lightning protection specialist with JKR Electrical in 2009 to 2010. The task is to teach JKR Electrical Engineer in the structure bonding design of Lightning Protection System and Surge Protection Design for Power and Extra Low Voltage System.

6)     He has designed not less than 20 buildings using Faraday Cage Method of Lightning Protection System and complete with full scale Surge Protection System. Some of the projects are Kuala Terengganu Airport, Medical Faculty University Malaysia Sabah, Medical Faculty University Sains Malaysia, and North Butterworth Container Port.

7)      He has rectified many problems of installation that were damaged by lightning or surge. Some of the system are Langkawi Cable Car, Putra line Radio Hub at Subang Depot and Gama Green House Control System for Pusat Tenaga Nuklear Malaysia, Hospital Putrajaya and Murphy Oil And Gas Plant at Bintulu Onshore Receiving Facility.

Invited by JKR  as a speaker in the technical Seminar “ Lightning and SPD, Introduction to Railway Industry in Malaysia


Project Experience on lightning & surge protection system

1)      Upgrading Langkawi Cable Car Lightning & SurgeProtection System.

2)     Lightning Protection System Study For Ampang Line (LRT) For Syarikat Prasarana Negara Berhad.

3)     Design & Installation of Lightning & Surge Protection System for Murphy Oil And Gas Plant at Bintulu On-shore Receiving Facility.

4)     Design & Installation of Pusat Tenaga Nuklear, Bangi.

5)     As a lightning and Surge Protection Consultant for Apex-L&G in MRT1 Communication System.